Stroll City on the TTC for Culture Days Ontario

Another new project initiated by Art for Commuters…

Shawn Micallef, the author of Stroll: Psychogeographic Walking Tours of Toronto, explores the city on foot and invites Torontonians to tweet their responses and discoveries @strollcity, alongside his own.

For two weeks this fall, he’ll tweet his inspiring Toronto findings, and TTC riders can tweet their replies to Micallef’s texts, seeing them appear in an ever-changing spot that will run every 10 minutes on the Onestop TTC network of screens, visible to over 1 million subway commuters daily.

Get ready to walk and observe! Take part in this unique, groundbreaking opportunity: a city-wide, interactive media-art project that engages with Toronto and its citizens.

50 TTC subway stations across Toronto

Stroll City will appear on Onestop subway platform screens across the city. Tweet your responses and thoughts @strollcity


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