Everyday Heroes Festival Update

Everyday Heroes Festival logoWe are pleased to announce Ivanhoe Cambridge as a new venue sponsor for Everyday Heroes. With screens in IC shopping centers across Canada, the festival now has a nation-wide audience .

The Everyday Heroes Festival is a 10-day public film festival with a national scope, reaching over two million viewers a day. Unique in North America, the festival plays on Onestop TTC screens in Toronto, and on screens in malls across Canada. All official selections will also be featured on the Everyday Heroes Festival website.

The 2nd annual Everyday Heroes film festival will take place From April 15 – 24, 2011. Each year, at the same time as Earth Week is celebrated around the world, we will showcase truly unique and wholly creative one minute mini-docs. We know that important acts of eco-heroism, both large and small, are happening every day, all across the country, and we will be sharing those stories with 2 million Canadians.

Submission is free. We accept submissions from all Canada-based filmmakers, young and old, established and aspiring. All films screened are silent and exactly one-minute in length.

Submission Deadline: March 1st, 2010



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