Confessing to the Media

A week before the first annual Confessions Underground is slated to launch, and we’ve already got a tonne of media buzz around the project! Just in this week, CTV, Global News, Toronto Star, and 680 NEWS (just to name a few) have hounded down our star artists John Loerchner and Laura Mendes, the brains behind Labspace Studio, for interviews about their latest art experiment.

Loerchner and Mendes built a moveable confession booth with a video camera and placed it in heavy traffic areas around the City of Toronto. Passersby were encouraged by the markings on the outside of the booth to come and share the weight of one of their private secrets with the rest of the city.

So far, over a hundred people have confessed, and we’re ready to reveal their secrets, semi-anonymously, between July 1st and July 14th. Every ten minutes, on over 300 TTC platform screens, in more than 60 stations, Torontonian transit riders will be witness and judges to their neighbours’ darkest secrets. Some have been shocking, funny, sad, or mundane, but all of them are full of sincerity.

“We wanted to come up with a project that went over and beyond putting up imagery for the screens. We wanted to come up with a project that captivated people,” said Mendes, “we thought it would be fascinating to see idle commuters take in something very private. Risk is a big part of the project”

It is a quite a risk to confess something in a private environment and then have it broadcast to thousands of daily commuters, and the stakes are getting higher with all this media attention, but I must confess, we sort of love the attention!

You can still submit your confessions at


a partial list of the coverage of Confession Underground

CBC The National, July 4:

CBC News Arts and Entertainment, July 4:

Space Channel, Inner Space:

Yahoo News, July 3:

CBC Here & Now, June 28: 


Toronto Star:–confessions-underground-project-to-show-video-admissions-at-toronto-subway-station

Global TV:

680 News:–ttc-to-air-videotaped-confessions-on-platform-screens–art-house-duo-hope-people-will-confess-to-ttc-commuters

a little bonus: A Belgian magazine did a piece on Confessions Underground as well, (three cheers for international exposure!)


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