Flipping through Toronto

Last month was quite busy, between Confessions Underground and reaching the TUFF submission deadline, we’ve been working overtime, but that doesn’t mean we’re stopping!

This Saturday, August 4th, keep your eyes peeled up to the TTC screens because we’re launching another great project, called Flip-Toronto.

Art for Commuters and Pattison Onestop have collaborated with Circuit Gallery (Toronto) and Dar Onboz (Beirut, Lebanon) to bring you this exciting series of flip book animations that bring to life the city of Toronto and all of it’s wondrous offerings.

Flip-Toronto was inspired by a successful flip-book project from Beirut, appropriately titled Flip-Beirut. Initially realized by the Lebanese publishing house Dar Onboz, Flip-Toronto is the second instalment of a larger multi-city initiative running under the umbrella title of Flip-City. We are very honoured to be carrying this great project out internationally with the help of the folks over at Dar Onboz.

Artists who responded to this call for submission were challenged to explore and tell a story of any Toronto neighbourhood in only 60 pages, without text or sound. Sykes has been very particular about what she was looking for, leaning in favour of the hand-drawn flip-books, and though there are photographed and paper-cut animations in the show, it’s clear that the final submissions reflect a high level of artistry and craftsmanship.

“The results are quite amazing! The range of subjects and approaches taken were unexpected. From the use of pen and ink to bring to life a rain soaked 1950s football game, to Google maps used at the source material for a series of encaustic paintings animating the changing urban landscape of The Junction,” says Claire Sykes, Curator

Flip-Toronto reveals the energy and transformation of Parkdale, Chinatown and the Junction, depicts the morphing of City Hall, highlights the famous Mud-Bowl Grey Cup game of 1950 played at Varsity Stadium, portrays the dynamic performing Dufferin neighbourhood crossing-guard and conveys the harmonic tunes of musicians in the Museum subway station. Flip-Toronto features work by: David Grenier, Aubrey Reeves, Alec Dempster, Cortney Stephenson, Mary Porter, Tania Ursomarzo, Patrick Jenkins, and Lise Beaudry.

Flip-Toronto runs between August 4th, 2012 and August 19th , 2012 and even though the start date is only two days away, we’ve gotten some great press coverage from the Toronto Star which you can see here.

And in case you missed the link, you can see all the artist’s works at Flip-City.com


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