Flippin’ Cool!

We’re Flippin’-out over here!

Just last month, our Confessions Underground program was picked up by many major media news sources and we were pretty darn happy about that, thinking we caught a lucky break of publicity and we weren’t too sure when the next one would be.

Naturally, nothing surprised us more than when a month later, these news articles, about our latest project Flip-Toronto, started showing up on our desks and in-boxes. We’ve got mentions in the Toronto Star, the Grid, Blog TO and the local Metro.

We’re lucky to be getting this sort of attention for our projects and we don’t want to misplace the gratitude so we’ll just say it belongs to everyone involved. You know who you are!

Remember, Flip-Toronto is running between August 4th, 2012 and August 19th, 2012 so don’t miss it!

Toronto Star Article

The Art Market

The Grid TO



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