TUFF Luck – Submissions are closed!

Well, it’s almost been a month since we reached the Toronto Urban Film Festival (TUFF) deadline, and we’ve been sifting through the submissions ever since. This year we received a total of 410 films from 31 countries across the world. including India, France, Mexico, Netherlands, China, and all over Canada, which makes this year the biggest TUFF year ever!

The variety of short films we received, from abstract photographic montages to brilliant animations to quirky comedies and heart-tugging romances, reminded us how many creative minds are out there in different pockets of the world. We were ecstatic to see such a wide array of talent and it became very difficult around judging time to narrow the submissions down to a list of finalists.

This year, the finalists were chosen by the sharp eyes of our programme curators, Angie Driscoll and Sharon Switzer. They spent countless hours reviewing each of the 410 submissions several times, to compile a list of 65 total finalists and they are very happy with the quality of the 2012 programming.

Now these chosen films rest in the hands of the very talented Jennifer Baichwal, who we are happy to have as the guest judge and who will be awarding the top three prizes for TUFF2012.

All of the 65 finalists films will be showcased on the TUFF website once the festival has launched on September 7th, 2012, which is now less than a month away. During the festival, there will be nine of these films shown every day, on TTC platforms, for the first seven days of the festival, with a special showcase occurring on the final weekend. We’ll be revealing more details about this special showcase as we gear up for the festival launch.

To all those who participated this year, we extend our thanks to you, for making this year’s festival possible, and also the TUFF-est yet!

Next one is lucky number seven!


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