‘Not So Great Moments In Western Civ’ comes to the TTC this February

Not So Great Moments In Western Civ: An Alphabet of Reasoned Failure coming this February to Onestop subway platform screens across Toronto. Watch for a new sardonic comic each day, as we make our way though Caitlin’s hilarious alphabet of mistakes and misfortunes.

In single frame comics (one for each letter of the alphabet) this series touches on everything from Adam’s banishment from the Garden of Eden to Kant’s philosophy on sex. Full of dark humor, this book questions the validity of rational systems and makes you feel better about your own mistakes. Also includes comics about Dante, Hegel, Pierre Curie, Einstein, Thoreau, Judas, Zeno, the French Revolution, Ben Franklin, Francis Bacon, Nietzsche and many more.

Caitlin Cass is a cartoonist and intermedia artist who currently resides in Buffalo, NY.  She grew up in the outskirts of Chicago wishing she had been born in 1842, this led her to spend most of her formative years reading “Great Books” and studying disproved theories at St. John’s College.  She harbors a lot of anxiety about living up to the accomplishments of dead white males and makes comics to make her self feel better.

Check out Caitlin and her comics here:  http://www.greatmomentsinwesternciv.com/

She’s also a visual artist: http://caitlincass.tumblr.com/


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